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New Whitco Roofing Racecar

The design for the new Whitco Roofing Racecar




Whitco’s Annual Holiday Party

Whitco’s annual holiday party was held at Mary Mac’s Tea Room located at 224 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA. The party¬†featured¬†live music and gift exchanges. We hope that everyone at Whitco Roofing enjoyed themselves, and we would like thank each and every one of you for your hard work and dedication. Whitco is only as strong as its employees, and lucky for us, we have wonderful employees and strong team.

Melvin, Donna, Frank Miguel, Grant, Omar Renee, Wesley, Jamie, Katie Sister, Miguel, Diana Jesus, Paul, Daniel, Omar, Martin Jason and Family

Scotty's Family Grant, Radford, Amy, James Omar and Kids Kowti, Henri, Radford, Grant, Blake, 2 Frank's Family Amanda, Miguel, Julie Amanda, Luis, Julie

Thank you all for helping make Whitco a better company each and every day.

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Whitco Roofing, Inc. Holiday Party

Whitco Roofing, Inc. holiday party is tonight. Feel free to bring a guest, hope to see you tonight.