Infrared Scans

Infrared thermography is used to take pictures of roofs to find trouble spots. Infrared thermography technology is used to identify and record moisture penetration, heat-loss areas, and related building envelope deficiencies.

When the roof is cooling, wet spots not visible to the naked eye, continue to emit heat. The infrared cameras read the heat that is trapped in sections of wet insulation. Infrared scan will pinpoint and document problems in flat roof systems.

  • Features and Benefits of Infrared Scans:
    Save thousand of dollars on roof repair and replacement costs
    Identify water damaged portions of a roof quickly and accurately
    Eliminate unnecessary roof replacement. Repair as opposed to replacement
    Document potential problems before your warranty expires
    Identifies small roof problems before they become large and costly
    Reduces risks of structrial damage and failure of your roof

By using infrared thermography to spot thermal anomalies in the roof, many leaks can be tracked, verified and repaired. Infrared scans can create money saving roof solutions for your building. Infrared thermography is a proven and effective scientific method for evaluating roofing condition. Whitco Roofing can perform infrared scans on any type of flat roof system.

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