Roofing FAQ

What type of roofing system do I have on my building?

Believe it or not, most owners/managers do not know what type of roofing systems they have on their buildings, what type and thickness of insulation they have or even the easiest way to access the roof on a particular building. It is difficult to manage the roofing life cycle if you don’t even know what roofing system you have or what your expectation for that system is. Maintaining an up-to-date inventory of all buildings and their roofing systems is vital in maintaining one’s roofing asset. Whitco Roofing would be happy to assist you in answering these questions 1.888.399.2221  TYPES OF ROOFING SYSTEMS

When was my roofing system installed? When was the last time my roof was serviced? When does my roofing warranty expire?

If you don’t know the answers to these questions, you are not alone. Likely you have more pressing issues to think about. However, it doesn’t make these questions any less important, especially in times when roofing system issues are occurring. Proper record keeping allows for ease of access to this information in addition to all other information related to the installation and maintenance of your roofing systems. Whitco Roofing would be happy to assist you in answering these questions 1.888.399.2221

-How do I know if my warranty is effective and up to date?

One of the biggest mistakes made by the recipient of a new roofing system is the lack of maintenance performed after the initial installation.  Almost all manufacturers’ warranties call for a regular maintenance plan to keep the warranty effective and up-to-date.  Taking that a step further, a preventive maintenance program not only minimize leaks, it will keep the roofing insulation dry and intact during the life of the roof increasing the odds that the insulation can be “re-used” during the next installation.  This not only reduces the cost of the 2nd installation (almost 30-40%), it also keeps materials out of the landfills resulting in a net positive environmental impact. At Whitco Roofing we use top rate preventive maintenance strategies tailored to your roof.

The roof, for the most part, is out of sight and out of mind. Ignoring the roof often leads to premature roof failure, which means water can invade the building and wreak havoc with people, equipment, and productivity. Clearly, regular preventive roofing maintenance should by a major priority for building owners and facilities managers. A preventive maintenance program provides a number of measurable benefits. For instance, it can: Increase the expected service life of a roof by as much as 50%, Reduce roof related expenses to free up capital for other uses, Cut the time and effort required to address emergency repairs.

Implementing a regular, periodic roof maintenance program is critical to validating the warranty, prolonging the life, and avoiding failure of a commercial roof. At Whitco Roofing our roof asset management programs are designed to allow for the longest useful life from your installed roofing system. Our programs provide experience with all major manufacturer’s warranties and the best service possible through our professional roofing mechanics and years of roofing experience.

Contact us today to inquire about our preventive maintenance programs! 1.888.399.2221

Have you ever been in this position? “I know I need something, but I’m not sure what it is.  I need answers, but I don’t know the questions!  I need someone to help me put together a budget, a schedule, etc., but I don’t even know what my project is yet, much less how to set it up.  Where do I start?”

Whitco Roofing offers the answers to your questions in support of planning, programming, design and construction needs. We strive to provide a single-source, up-front look at budgets, schedules, sites, systems, project delivery, concepts and development options in a way that is customized to your specific roofing project.

Are you asking these questions?

“What should my budget be? Is it enough?  Should I repair, restore or replace my roof?  How long should it take me to complete my roofing project? What should the scope include? What are my procurement options? What should I do next? Am I lacking information? Where do I get the information?”

We offer quick responses and the answers to these questions even before a roofing project is defined.

Whitco Roofing

Has the right roofing teams. Our teams respond quickly, addresses all aspects of your roofing project, and can perform when there is little or no information.


Call Whitco Roofing Today! 1.888.399.2221

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