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Cool Roof Rebates

As hard as the CFO might try, it’s just not possible to ignore a roof. In the long run, the roof will always make its presence felt, sometimes in very inconvenient ways — just ask the hospital that had its surgical suite damaged by a leaky roof. It can be hard to win capital dollars for roofing even in the best of times (that hospital roof failed during a much stronger economy). But roofs in sad shape simply cannot be ignored. If a roof is already a candidate for replacement, re-covering or re-coating, savvy facility executives should go the extra mile and consider cool roofing options. There are plenty of reasons why. For one thing, some utility providers offer incentives to spur users into purchasing cool roofing systems. The possibility of an incentive alone makes it worthwhile to look into cool roofing. Of course, for facility executives in some areas, cool roofing may not even be optional anymore as local government bodies tighten up building codes to make buildings more energy efficient. Whether a cool roof is mandated or not, a roof that’s both reflective and emissive can provide a range of benefits for the entire organization. A cool roof can significantly cut heating and cooling loads. It can also act as a shot in the arm for public relations efforts. And with President Obama promising tighter efficiency standards for buildings and a system to cap carbon dioxide emissions, cool roofs are one way facility executives can ready their organizations.

Cool Roof Rebates Explained

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