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Standing Seam – Symmetrical PanelTensile Strength – Title 24

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Standing Seam – Symmetrical PanelTensile Strength – Title 24 |

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Standing Seam

Is a term used to describe the adjoining of two metal panels together with an upturned portion of the metal. The two panels are held together with concealed clips. The joinery raises the seam above the drainage plain. Standing seam systems are made out of metal, which makes the roof durable, 100% recyclable and very low maintenance.


A low slope system that can support their own weight without a deck. Structural panels usually have high seams 1-3/4″ to 3″ and can handle slopes as low as 1/4:12. The panels are watertight and can span long distances. Since a deck is usually not required a structural system can end up being a lower cost alternative than an architectural panel with a supporting roof deck.

Symmetrical Panel

A symmetrical panel design has both legs of the standing seam panel identical in size and shape. This is typically found in panel system where a cap is used to seam the panels together. Benefits of a symmetrical panel are easy replacement, and tighter curving radiuses. Examples of Garland symmetrical panels are our structural system, R-Mer Span, and our architectural system, R-Mer Seam. Due to its symmetrical design with a seam cap, R-Mer Span has the highest rated uplift pressures resistance in the industry.


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